Multimedia is widely used in many different applications, whether for DVD’s (educational and/or commercial use), banner ads, mixed video and/or audio files or for increased interactivity with web clients.

the need

This project required the creation of a "fun and interactive multimedia flash spot for the new Smart car."

the fix

Link to My Smart Car Flash Project

my animation

I decided to go with a fun, playful approach to this project. Using audio files of the theme song for the T.V. show, "Pimp My Ride", a "racey" paint job, and some cool effects, I think that we have our "fix"!

I created the orange flame paint job and the background colours using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash.

The finished project is interactive (meaning that the visitor is able to control some aspect of the movie), it incorporates motion tweens, buttons, and the use of some ActionScript.