This project is another sample of web grafix, completed as part of the Mobile Application Development program, that I am now nearing completion of … :)

the need

The objective here was to create a functional site, using responsive web design. This technique allows the site to be viewed on a variety of different platforms and devices, while still maintaining the same look and feel.

the fix

Link to my responsive web design sample

my design

This hypothetical site illustrates a project showcasing some articles written by myself (and some of my former "classmates") for a previous project (in which we formatted the articles in InDesign as an "e-book").

For this project, I began with the creation of the title (using both Illustrator & Photoshop CC). The coding was accomplished using advanced HTML5 techniques.

To see how it works, please click on the text or image link above. When the site loads, try rescaling the page and watch how it flows into different layouts as you do so.

It was designed to function beautifully on any size screen, from a standard mobile smart phone screen, to a tablet size and all the way up to desktop size.