web grafix

Eternal Empire Interactive was another web project … that was cancelled immediately upon completion, due to a "fatal error" ;) … between the senior game developer/guru and the business owner.

So, because of this, the screenshot link below will only take you to a "mock–up" (located on my server) of the inactive site.

the need

EEI needed a website to promote interest in an online game they were developing, named Warfare.

the fix

Link to My Mock-Up of Eternal Empire Interactive's Website

my design

This time the client already had a logo, colour scheme and placeholder website set up, complete with content (partial content, at least).

I took the existing logo, tweaked it a little and gave it more of "3D" look and feel. This was, not only appropriate for the web’s interactive nature, but also befitting of a game development company’s logo.

One of the biggest challenges of this particular project, for me, was coding the pure CSS drop down menus in the main navigation bar. Yes, that’s right … no JavaScript in those puppies! Hey … if you’re going to "talk the talk" … you’d better "walk the walk"!

Because the placeholder site had been originally done in frames, I pretty much re–coded the site from scratch, using … you guessed it … XHTML and CSS!