Wired2grafix is the freelance portfolio website of Michelle Weekes (formerly Lamothe). The name (wired2grafix) really sums up the person. If it involves some form of grafix … I am, literally wired to it! ;)

Currently, I am in the process of "remixing" my logo and layout into a responsive web design that will function well over a variety of different platforms and devices. I will also be adding in a number of mobile apps that I have developed over the past year or so to show off some of my newly aquired skills.

All web projects on this site adhere to the web standards set out by the W3C, including valid XHTML and CSS. So, I guess you could say I have a fixation with web standards too …

The "web" column to the right includes thumbnail links to freelance web projects that I have worked on, with each respective page detailing "the need" and "the fix" for that particular web design/development project.

Each web detail page will offer a larger thumbnail link to the live site (where applicable), followed by a description of that particular client’s "fix", and my specific input into the overall project (whether it be from concept to completion …or simply writing the XHTML and CSS coding for a finished layout).

Be sure to check out all the links under the "more web" heading (to the right also). These link to more web detail pages … and some cool projects!

Also, "recognition " links to a site that has featured my portfolio site. Check ’it out … it’s always sweet to get a little recognition from others in the industry!

So, enjoy browsing … pun intended … ;) and make sure to bookmark this site, in case you feel the need for a creative fix yourself sometime!

Michelle Weekes
a.k.a. wired2grafix

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